What’s a “Tigsik”?

Tigsik /tig-sik/ is a form of short poetry in the Bicol language that often are cynical or flattering and tends to touch certain topics, issues and people. It’s akin to a haiku but more snappish and deliberate. Tigsiks are often delivered spontaneously with two to four lines (or more! It’s poetry!) and eight or more syllables in each line, ending in a mono rhythmic pattern. Tirigsikan or the act of reading or delivering verses in a crowd usually happens during pub nights where friends can motivate each other with their quick wit and humour. It’s also a good way to break the ice in social gatherings and I really would love to listen to people spouting humorous verses again. 🙂

Tigsik ko an mga estudyante

namatang amay asin minabyahe,

pirming gamit an saindang kokote

dila asin isip garo dyamante 🙂

This probably sucked but yanno

I suck anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️


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