Caffeine Fuel

I’m an abhorrent human being who only knew how to whine.

I am. I really am and I can’t seem to help myself from stopping. I just end up complaining and whining some more about the things in my life that either bore me or challenge me. I loathe things that bore me and I always complain when I suddenly felt challenge. I hate myself. I hate how it becomes a routine. I try to break it. I really do. Yet, here I am still complaining.

Anyway, I really shouldn’t bore you with my own problems. I really just want to talk about coffee and tea and how it helps people who need to sleep and can’t sleep but also needs to work or should be doing something instead of trying to sleep. Isn’t that the summary of our lives at this point?

Last week, I was supposed to be up at Ass O’Clock™ (5am) to get ready for work and as I stare at the ceiling of my shared bedroom, I had the sudden urge to check my phone for notifications, only to find out that is was barely an hour before I had to wake up.

I can’t really function without enough sleep but with no sleep at all? Oh my life would be a mess. I can barely pull a complete string of thoughts off my brain without wondering how nice the table would feel if I close my eyes and press my cheeks for just a few minutes. I only had party Kpop blasting on my ears and two cups of black tea to help me act like a functioning human.

Soon enough, I was starting to feel drowsy again. It was around 9am when sleep started to tickle my thoughts. I did everything in my capability to stay awake: Pester My Coworkers With A Barage Of Questions.

At 12 noon I had my next dose of caffeine. It had me going until around 3pm that was when I had to take another watered down cup of coffee (gross but beggars can’t be picky).

Finally I was free but I had to stay in the mall for my sister, so I thought, hey why not write? So I did. Until 8:30 when I promptly fell asleep on my seat in a secluded corner of the her cafe. At 10, I woke up. One of her staff offered me a cup of flat white and I gladly accepted it.

I thought pathetically to myself:

I’m never going without enough sleep again.

Yet, here I am writing this post at 1AM when I have to be awake at Ass O’Clock™ again.

Guess I’ll need a lot of caffeine later.


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