Rune and Nox

Rune’s eyes narrowed at the flames that engulfed the architecture. A schooled reaction to what his best mate had done. The bloody imbecile! The task was to make the sodding alarm go off, not blow up the goddamned place! Rune knew what he was gambling here, but with Nox, he wasn’t too sure. The man had the ability to screw shit up in the strangest and albeit incorrigible of ways.

Nox, goddamn it!” He cursed through the mouthpiece, vaguely wondering if the receiving end would still work after the impact. Probably not. What a waste of breath.

He half trusted Nox to pull the alarms so the guards would scramble everywhere and nowhere at once. Distracted. They had to retrieve something from inside the building. Now, how were they supposed to do that?

The man shook his head to rid himself of the questions that surged in his head and swung his legs back on the motorcycle. Goddamnit, Nox! he thought as his bike neared the man in question. Rune jumped off and stomped over to where Nox stood proudly. As if he hadn’t just singlehandedly jeopardised their mission.

“Rune! Did you see that?” The gall of this guy! Rune was starting to go livid at his immature partner. “It blew up like that tater crisps you tried to bake the other day!” Yep. Livid was definitely an understatement.

Without a word of warning, or even a breath of hello, Rune aimed his fist and knocked the air out of Nox. Landing a blow on his gut and another to his jaw. “You moron! How the fuck are we supposed to get the damn thing in that inferno now?”

Nox flinched, quite taken aback, and stared at him as he nursed the blooming burst of blue and green on his jaw.

“You better sodding fix this, Nox.” Rune spat, a threat lingering under his vicious tone.

But Nox took it in a stride, the bruise on his jaw starting to turn purple, then a bright orange and slowly fades into yellow–then it was gone.

Ah, Rune.” But Rune made sure his eyes were on the burning building, determined not to look at Nox’s face. He’s going to feel sorry for what he did, no doubt. “You forget that I’m just partially human.” He said, his eyes twinkling with mirth, a twisted smile stretching on his otherwise sweet facial features.



Introducing Nox and Rune! The unlikely pair that would grace this little nook on Salad of Thoughts under the Rune and Nox tag 😀 I actually feel happy with this 300 words of utter stupidity. I don’t even have a story for them. They just appeared out of nowhere in my brain and was like “LET’S BLOW UP SOMETHING!” So, there you go.


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