Another Rant

ayt so.

shout out to people who tell members of the lgbtqia+  that they might be straight after all because they just never met the person who could set them straight because w o w 

would you appreciate it if someone told you that you might be gay and heyーmaybe you just never found the right person to  b e n d  you like a fucking plastic ruler?

please don’t do that. it’s offensive and i really don’t know how else to react to it but to shrug and say its not how it works but when people insist and try to jackhammer their thoughts on your sexuality, it makes my blood boil. also please don’t give us lectures on how a man should play the role of a male and a woman, a female.

it just pisses me off so much how people are so heteronormative and think they know your sexuality better than yourself. why can’t they just accept the fact that hey you can be gay and different from others too? even the world isn’t straight 😦 it has its slopes, ayt? d i f f e r e n t  s l o p e s.

just get over it and move on? stop trying to change someone just because you don’t think its right.

sorry for the lapslock

rant over

also sorry for the lack of post. i wanna work on a prompt but there are so many prompts that i cant choose from them aaahhhhhh


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