Rhythm of the Rain

The pitter patter of the rain reverberated in the dark and dank room that served as her bedroom. Only the light from the static television set illuminated her pallid face. Her dark eyes flitted over the window, wondering if the rain would ever stop. It started out as a drizzle, but after half an hour, it turned into a heavy downpour.
It continued on for hours and all she could do was cocoon herself in the powder blue duvet–her only source of warmth. The kitchen was probably flooded by now, she thought. She remembered that there was a gaping hole in the kitchen ceiling.

Whenever it rained, it leaked.

It dripped.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to ponder more about the state of her ceiling for her eyes weighed heavy as she listened to the sound of water falling over her roof.

It was like every drop hit her skull and the soft vibration was starting to lull her to sleep.

A shiver ran its course through her body and as the rhythm of the rain slowed, so did the pitter patter of her heart.


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