You and I are the same.

The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all. You never really know what went in their head while they sipped on their lattes on cold October mornings. You could never really tell if the barista making your drink was thinking about blending rat carcass into your frappe while you just sat and waited in a corner table. It’s scary how a mere 3 pounds of muscle could conjure ideas that ranged from knitting a scarf to acts of cold, bloody murder.


Did y’all missed me? Of course you didn’t. Who am I kidding? Anyway, here I am again! Sorry for disappearing…


This particular client was a little tricky to deal with and part of the trick in taming him was by always answering his calls. Even if he was just going to decline a job. It was only polite to answer if called upon.

He wasn’t even able to acknowledge the person when the voice on the other end said:

“We need you again.” then promptly hung up.